We invite you to please donate to one of these 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in LiLou's name to help us our mission to make this world a better place in a wonderful tax-deductible way!

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Pig RescuE PEnelope's Purpose

Pigs are not conventional pets and Pig Rescue Organizations do not get much funding support. Many pigs get abandoned as they outgrow the size expectations or the owners can no longer have a pig. This organization helps with Rescue, Adoption and Rehabilitation.

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Society for Prevention of cruelty to Animals

Support the homeless animals that need some extra love and care. This organization provides shelter and adoption services for various animals. It also has programs like Animal Assisted Therapy Program that allows us to spread love, support and education.

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SHANTI: Pets are wonderful support

Help to preserve, support and nurture the human-animal bond for the most vulnerable: chronically ill, frail, and isolated by disease or age people. PAWS help provide supplies and services for the pets to support animal companionship and human mental health.