Pumpkin Farm & Hay Maze Fun (Half Moon Bay, CA)


Yay! The pumpkin season is on!! We had a great family outing to our favorite pet-friendly Arata's Pumpkin Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA. It is almost like a Piggy Disneyland or the happiest place on earth, cause it has so many delicious pumpkins of all shapes and sizes... 


But I am not all about just food! There is a huge Minotaur's Labyrinth Hay Maze with dead ends and secret doors. A Minotaur is hiding in the maze and gives away golden pumpkins to those that find him. My Mom gets super excited for things like this! I also wanted my golden pumpkin, so I was on a sniff/search task.


We have encountered many people of all ages with kiddos and without, a mix of casual and designer fashion. Apparently, the word about my visit has spread throughout the maze. People started looking for me rather than the Minotaur :)). They were screaming "Yay, I found the pig!!" when they ran into us. There was so much excitement that the Minotaur must have heard about it and decided to leave the maze... We didn't find him this time. But we sure had a lot of fun in the process.

The farm is pretty big with picnic tables, where you can have your lunch and where I finally got to indulge in my yummy pumpkin. They also offer pony rides and petting zoo for kids among other activities. But we had other places to go and see, so we waived goodbye to the new and old fans we met there... 

If you still need a pumpkin, this is a great place to pick it up and make a fun day or a date out of it. Also, if you still need some carving ideas and think that a typical scary pumpkin face is so last season, how about a cute Piggy face? I am happy to be your model and inspiration...

Snout Kisses 💕🐽,

- LiLou the San Francisco Pig

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