Q: how old are you?

LiLou the Pig: I am a teenager now and won't mature until I turn 5. I was born in Michigan 4 years ago and a couple of months later I moved to San Francisco to live California dream: young, beautiful, famous and fabulous!

Q: how Did you get into Therapy?

LiLou the Pig: Have you seen the world nowadays? Everyone needs a therapist!

My Mom and I enjoy our daily walks around the city meeting people from around the world. Everyone we meet leaves with a smile and every day we hear that we have made someone's day. Travelers say we add a cherry on top for their trip to San Francisco! My Mom noticed that our interactions with people also brought a lot of joy to me. We decided to bring this joy further into our community.

As a result we completed the training and I became the 1st certified Therapy Pig in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program with San Francisco's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SF SPCA) in January 2016. A few months later I made my first visit to San Francisco Airport (SFO) and became the World's 1st Airport Therapy Pig.

Q: Where do you volunteer?

LiLou the Pig: I volunteer at the SFO Airport once a month. Check out the Date Reveals on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Additionally, I bring joy to many other facilities in the Bay Area community such as hospitals, retirement homes and schools to name a few.

Q: how many costumes do you have?

LiLou the Pig: Many! Because why not?! I am a fashionable city girl. Costumes and accessories are not just for dogs. And I am totally working that tutu. We like to spice our visits up and have some kind of a theme. Because every visit for us is like a celebration!

Q: How about your gorgeous NAils?

LiLou the Pig: It's called Hoofdicure. I don't mind it at all. We use non-toxic nail polish. Luckily I don't have to go to a salon, since my Mom does my hoofdicure from the comfort of our home and I get extra special treats.

Q: Did fame get to your pretty head?

LiLou the Pig: Pigs do have big heads in general! But I love what I do. I am happy that I can educate people about pigs, bring an element of surprise and joy to the world. And being famous is cool! It is for a good reason.

Q: What's your favorite food?

LiLou the Pig: Let's be clear, I LOVE to eat in general. My Mom keeps a very healthy diet for me with specialized pig feed, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil and vitamins. When I smell something yummy, I WANT IT! Sweet fruit is definitely my favorite. Cheerios and almonds are the training food.

Q: where do you Sleep?

LiLou the Pig: I have my own bed with several cozy blankets. I am the real Pig in a Blanket! However, I must have daily snuggles with my humans. I love to jump up on the couch for that.

Q: what about bathroom?

LiLou the Pig: Oh I am particular! I use my special litter box at home and I also go outside. When outside it has to be the particular area under a tree or a bush. I like my privacy during this time. Pigs are very clean in general. We don't go, where we eat or sleep. 

Q: What is it Like living with you?

LiLou the Pig: Mom always says it is like having a cat + a dog + a human toddler in one! Not easy at all and at times can be extra challenging!!!

Since pigs have intelligence of a 3-year old human I can be pig-headed at times and throw a temper tantrum like a toddler that you may know. If you know what you are doing, do your research and invest time in training and bonding, it is a wonderful experience.

Q: do you do special appearances?

LiLou the Pig: I do! I LOVE meeting new people and making special memories together! Find out more on my Appearance FAQ page.

Q: How about modeling?

LiLou the Pig: I am a curvy model, who knows when it is time to strike a pose! I am open for collaborations. To chat more about it, click on my Contact page.

Q: I want a pig too! What should I do next?

LiLou the Pig: DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! There are many great resources. Some great ones are included on my Pig Resources page.

Even though I was not adopted, we strongly support and recommend adoption. There are many pigs that were given up when they outgrew the "teacup" size. Teacup or Micro pigs DO NOT exist!

Since pigs are not conventional pets, Pig Rescue Organizations do not get as much funding support as some other organizations do. Please consider donating to Pig Rescue.